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SERENITY | The Candle of Calm

Sale price$53.00

Glossy White Glass Jar (reuseable)

Unique packaging

100% Natural

Plastic Free

SERENITY | The Candle of Calm
SERENITY | The Candle of Calm Sale price$53.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Melanie Swan
Christmas gift to me

I bought the serenity from our Christmas bazaar fro Azh from England. We had so much fun chatter her up about all the products. That I want to buy more. I finally burned it today. And absolutely love it !!! It smells nice and the lapis & aquamarine stones on top are beautiful. But now they have sunk down in wax so I can’t see em till I guess I burn it again? Anyway now I want to order my sister one. And you are now my go to place for candles. I love the fact it’s all natural and made in good ole USA. Beautiful candles. But once it’s all used up, what will I do with the stones and nice jar? Please give me some suggestions.


These little crystals melt down with the wax. It’s super cute - great gift.

Natalia Petkov
Blue crystals

This candle has pretty blue crystals. I really liked the look of this and the smell was lovely. Have been using this almost every day and it’s still going strong. Last a really long time, making the purchase good value.

K Dixon
So relaxing

This candle is really calming. I picture myself on a calm river bank with my feet in the water listening to the birds singing. Amazing fragrance. Coming back to restock.

Cindy Tatten
Fresh bedding smell

A calm fresh smell. Reminds me of clean bedding. I don’t impress easily, but I’m really impressed.