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To achieve the maximum hours from your candle ensure each burn is long enough to see the wax melt to the sides. We advise against short burns, it will shorten the life of your candle.

Our wax is made from natural ingredients, containing no chemicals and non-GMO. For this reason your first burn is the most important, it sets the chemistry of your wax and optimizes your candles performance for it's remaining life. Creating a full melt pool on your first burn may take up to three to four hours.

The crystals set in your candle will infuse into the wax when it burns. When the wax pool has formed you will see the crystals reveal their beauty. After you blow out your candle the wax will cool and encrust the crystals into the wax below the surface, allowing their power to infuse the wax and fragrance ready for your next burn.

Keep your wick trimmed to 1/4 inch. If your wick is allowed to grow too big you will burn through the candle faster. Our wicks are made from soft cotton and can be easily trimmed with small scissors, or even your fingers, when your candle has cooled. No expensive cutting tools required.

Avoid drafty areas and always keep your candle on a flat heat proof surface. See bottom of the jar for full safety guidance.